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2015 - 16 School Visits to the New York Transit Museum
School Visits The Transit Museum offers a range of programs, focusing on history, science, and the arts, for students in preschool through high school. Our guided programs are tailored to specific ages and led by one of our talented Museum Educators.


We look forward to seeing you and your students at the Transit Museum this school year!


All school groups must make advance reservations. Groups wishing to self-guide may do so only after 1:00 PM.

Reservations may be made up to 3 months in advance of the date you wish to visit. They are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis and tend to fill up quickly!


School Program Options

School VisitsSchool programs at the Transit Museum support curricular study and grade-level learning standards.

The youngest students are introduced to the various modes of transportation in New York City through story reading, a tour of the Museum’s collection of trains and buses, and a hands-on art activity.

Programs for elementary students examine the relationship between mass transit and the development of New York City by focusing on history or science. Each focus includes learning about the subway and the city by considering the people who developed it and are served by it and by making comparisons to students’ own experiences today.

Guided tours for middle and high school students explore the multi-faceted story of public transportation by focusing on the social history of New York City, engineering sciences, mathematics and art of subway and station design, the history of immigration and the urban landscape. Within each exhibit students explore and discuss transit development, construction, and impact over time.

Programs for special needs students are led by trained Special Needs Educators. Our educators contact classroom teachers prior to the visit to craft a Museum experience that best meets the learning needs of that group. Guided tours, hands-on art activities, and ‘then-now’ comparisons are some of the options for special needs groups. In addition, a unique 2-part program teaches the important life skill of traveling safely on the subway.

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 General Education Group Programs






Tour + one of the following activities:     
 Design a Vehicle    Pre K – 1 75 min  253    $150
 Miles of Tiles    K – 2 75 min  253    $150
 Journey to the Past    1 – 3 75 min  253    $150
 Subway Stories    3 – 5   90 min   32   $150
ElectriCity and Circuits   3 – 4
 75 min   32
 4    $150
Extended Tour  
 6 – 12 75 min  253 

 * Additional students and additional chaperones will be charged $7 each. The TOTAL number of students and chaperones cannot exceed 30.

Special Needs Group Programs






Tour + one of the following activities:     
 Design a Vehicle    Pre K – 2 
 75 min 
 12 5$75  
Miles of Tiles    1 – 3 75 min 
 12 5  $75 
  Journey to the Past

 1 - 3

 75 min
 12 5$75
 Subway Stories for SNG  
 4 - 6
 75 min
 12 5$75
 ElectriCity for SNG  
 4 - 6
 75 min
 12 5  $75
Extended Tour    4 – 12 75 min 
 12 5   $75 
 Travel Training (two sessions)  
 7 - 12
 75 min
 10 5 $125

 * Up to 5 chaperones are included in the group rate: all additional adult chaperones will be charged $7 each.


Design a Bus

Design a Vehicle
Students compare buses past and present and, using various arts and crafts materials, design their own movable bus or train of the future.



Miles of Tiles

Miles of Tiles
Students explore the patterns and decorative signs found in subway stations and use glass tiles to create their own mosaics.



Journey to the Past

Students take a trip back in time with a costumed performer on one of the Museum's vintage subway or elevated train cars, learning about work and travel in the past.


Circle Book

Subway Stories
Students become historical investigators, observing and recording information about subway trains and riders of the past and making comparisons to their own experiences as subway riders today.


Subway Stories for Special Learning Needs
Working together in a game-type format, students use photos of seats, lights, signs, etc. to compare and contrast components of subway trains past and present.

ElectriCity and Circuits
Students examine how electricity powers the subway, then work in small groups to construct circuits to power simple motors. 

ElectriCity and Circuits for Special Learning Needs
Students examine how electricity powers the subway through interactive group demonstrations and hands-on experiments.

School Visits

Travel Training

In this introduction to subway travel, students experience all aspects of riding the subway – from mapping a route to buying MetroCards to negotiating various scenarios onboard a subway train – in the safe environment of our subway station museum. This is a two-part program. Please select two dates when making your reservation.

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Making a Reservation

Reservations may be made up to 3 months in advance of the date you wish to visit. They are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis and tend to fill up quickly!

Public school teachers: be aware of testing days, half days, school holidays, and bus maintenance days when selecting dates for your visit.

Your reservation is not complete until you receive a confirmation email with the exact date and time of your class visit. Each teacher or group leader must respond to this email, acknowledging the terms of the Reservation Agreement.

Credit Card Deposit Required

A $50 deposit -- paid by Visa, MasterCard, or American Express -- is required for each group reservation. Please be prepared to give credit card information when speaking with our Reservations Coordinator.

NOTE: We do not hold credit card information. Your $50 deposit will be charged when you make your group reservation. You will need to bring the remainder of your balance with you to be settled on the day of your visit.

Cancellations and Rescheduling

Cancellations must be made in writing no later than 2 weeks prior to your scheduled visit by emailing We do not accept cancellations made by telephone or phone messages. A first change in date incurs no penalty, but $50 will be charged for any further rescheduling. We will do our best to reschedule your visit appointment, but we cannot guarantee that we can accommodate your request as program spots fill up quickly!

Your $50 deposit will not be refunded if your cancellation or your request to reschedule your visit is made less than two weeks before your booked appointment or if you do not show up on the day of your scheduled visit.


Payment will be settled upon check-in in the Museum's lobby. Only cash, pre-paid money orders, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express are accepted. We do not accept personal or company checks, vouchers, or purchase orders. Groups without appropriate form of payment will not be admitted.

School Group Fees

All prices listed are per visit for one class:

General Education Classes: $150*

Special Needs Classes: $75*

Special Needs Travel Training Program (2 visits): $125* ($75 per visit)

*Additional fees of $7 per student and $7 per adult chaperone may apply if your group is larger than the sizes designated for flat rate pricing.

These flat-rate fees apply regardless of the minimum size of your group.

At the Museum

Group Size and Chaperones

Group sizes range from 10 - 36 students, depending on the program selected. 

The price of a visit includes 3 adult chaperones for general education classes and 5 adult chaperones for special needs classes. All additional  visitors pay $7 per person.

Chaperones must stay with the group at all times and are responsible for the appropriate behavior of the group.


Plan to arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled start time. When possible, have students remain on the school bus while the teacher or group leader handles check-in and payment.

We cannot begin your program before your scheduled start time, and we do not have waiting areas to accommodate classes inside the Museum. Due to space constraints in the lobby area, groups arriving too early will be asked to wait before entering the Museum. It is often preferable to wait on the school bus than to wait outside.

Late Arrival

Late arriving groups will receive a shortened program due to scheduling limitations. We will make every effort to provide a guided tour, but if your class arrives more than 20 minutes late, your program will be shortened. If you are running late, please call 718-694-1848.


Due to the Museum's space limitations, safety concerns, and our interest in providing a positive experience for all guests, your group must arrive and depart at your scheduled times.


The Transit Museum is wheelchair accessible via a lift that must be operated by Museum staff. Please share information regarding the needs of your group when making your reservation so that we can best serve you. The lift is slow, so plan to arrive 15 minutes before your program's start time.

School Visits


Our lunchroom is available for your group to use either before or after your scheduled program, depending on your program time. Students bring their own bag lunches; food and beverages are not sold in the Museum. Space is limited and availability is not guaranteed, so please reserve your spot in the lunchroom when making your group reservation.

Museum Store

The Transit Museum Store offers books, postcards, pencils, and toys for children. You are welcome to shop in the Store after you have completed your program. Up to 10 students are allowed in the Store at one time with an adult chaperone. Additional chaperones must supervise the remainder of the group.

School Bus Drop-Off and Parking

Buses may drop off students on either Boerum Place or Schermerhorn Street. There is limited parking for buses in the Downtown Brooklyn area. Bus drivers waiting for groups are encouraged to seek space on Schermerhorn Street or State Street. Drivers must remain with their buses!

Subway Travel

The Transit Museum is located in Downtown Brooklyn, just a few blocks from the Borough Hall station on the 2 3 4 and 5 lines, the Jay Street-MetroTech station on theA C F R lines, and the Hoyt-Schermerhorn station on the A C G lines. We hope you travel to us by subway! This will make your visit all the richer.

Schools can use Certificates For Free Transportation provided by New York City Transit to travel to and from field trips between 9:30 AM and 3:00 PM, or for return travel from a trip scheduled to arrive back at school later than 1:30 PM.


Additional Items

Museum Visits

* The Transit Museum does not have a coat or bag check. Students should leave book bags on the school bus. If the weather is warm, we suggest leaving coats and jackets on the bus as well, but in winter, we recommend that students wear their coats as the Museum can be chilly. Bagged lunches will be collected upon entry to the Museum and taken to our lunchroom, where they will be waiting for your group when you are ready to eat lunch.

* Please suggest to parents that their children wear sneakers or shoes with laces on the day of your Transit Museum visit. There is a small gap between our platform and train cars, and slip-on shoes can easily slip off. It may not be possible to retrieve shoes (or cell phones or other small items) from our electrified tracks.

* Visit other sections of our online Teacher Resource Center for resources to use in your classroom, including lesson ideas , book lists , photographs , and transit history .

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