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What is Community Crossing?

The New York Transit Museum's Community Crossing is a unique place to share original stories, written essays, oral histories, poetry, photographs and artwork about public transportation in the New York metropolitan region.

Community Crossing is provided by the New York Transit Museum and aims to extend the reach of the Museum's educational mission while inviting the sharing of original ideas and works on transit-related themes.
Photo of People on MTA Bus, by Michael Kamber for the New York Transit Museum
Photo by Michael Kamber for the New York Transit Museum 

How do I Enter Community Crossing?

Community Crossing is a free and open online community for those age 13 and older. In order to share your own works, you do need to "join" the community -- or "login" if you have been here before. The process is easy, and we won't share your information with anyone. Signing up is required so that we can properly attribute your works if we feature them online. If you would rather not join right now, you can still visit Community Crossing in "Preview" mode. You won't be able to post, but you'll be able to see current works shared by others. ENTER NOW using the button below:

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Community Crossing
When you click the "enter now" button you will see three options:

Become a member of Community Crossing and share your own works, stories and ideas.

Login: Already a member of Community Crossing? Login here.

Preview: Visit Community Crossing as a guest and see what others have shared; you won't be able to post until you join.

You must be age 13 or older to "Join" Community Crossing site. If you are under age 13, you may enter the site in "Preview" mode.

urrent Community Crossing Exhibition: "Connections"

Community Crossing is currently welcoming submissions on the theme "connections". The MTA system facilitates connections -- people connecting to places, people connecting to people, and people connecting with their passions. Login and share your own photographs, poetry and stories on this theme!

Need Help Using the Online Community?

Once inside Community Crossing, look for the "help" button on the top right of any page for assistance in using the online community functions.